Before you drop your pet off

If you’re going away, you might have made a list of things to take with you – but have you made a list for your pet?

Things to bring for your pet

FoodJumping dog

We provide a nutritious food for both cats and dogs. However, if your pet has specific requirements or you’d just rather it had its usual food, don’t forget to bring that with you. Please label the food bags or containers with the names of your pets, and the amount they are to be fed.

Toys / comforting items

Does your dog have a toy it can’t be without? Does your cat have to sleep with the same stuffed animal? Bring it with you!


We’ll administer medicine while your pet is with us, but make sure you bring instructions including the dosage and the times of day when we have to administer it. We can only give medications that have been issued by a vet. We may levy a small charge if your pet requires a large number of daily doses.

Things to bring for us

Signed boarding contract

You don’t have to sign this before you turn up, but we’d recommend that you at least read our terms and conditions beforehand, and if you want to save time you can print them out and fill them in before you come. We can not accept your pet without the owner’s signature on the form, so if you have someone else dropping them off please make sure they¬†the form that you’ve filled in yourself.

Up to date vaccination certificates

Having up to date vaccinations is important for your pets and the others that are staying with us. Remember – we will refuse to board your pets if you cannot produce this and you will also lose your deposit. Please also bring your pet”s microchip number.

If your dog is receiving the kennel cough vaccination, please ensure this is done at least 14 days before their first day staying with us; we will refuse to board dogs that arrive with us earlier than five days after receiving the vaccination.

Contact details for you, or another adult

We hope we won’t need to get in touch while your pets are with us, but if your pet is taken ill we will need details for you or another adult who can discuss your pet with us.

Your vet’s details

Again, we hope we won’t have to contact them – but if your pet is taken ill, your own vet’s details could be invaluable.

Something to pay with

We take cash or debit cards.