All boarding prices are per night


Small, Medium and Large Dogs

Single unit Double unit Family unit Extra large family unit
1 dog £15 £21 £30
2 dogs £26 £30
3 dogs £30 £35

Small dogs only

Boarding in our separate block for small breeds

Small unit Medium unit Family unit
1 dog £15 £18 £23
2 dogs £26 £30
3 dogs £30 £35


Luxury private apartments for any size of dog

1 dog £23.50
2 dogs £33.50
3 dogs £40.00

Evening walks

Although we give your dogs plenty of time out of their units during the day, we can offer additional 20 minute evening walks – we charge £5 for the first dog, and £4 for any additional dogs. Your dogs will only be walked with other dogs from your family.



Regular unit Family unit
1 cat £8.50 £12.00
2 cats £13.00 £15.00
3 cats £15.00 £17.00
4 cats £20.00


Late departures

We are happy to accommodate late departures, but we do charge an additional fee for the occupancy of the unit, which varies depending on the time of day when your pets are collected

  • Collection within 30 minutes of our opening time – No additional charge
  • Collection after 30 minutes of opening but before midday – 50% of applicable nightly boarding fee
  • Collection after midday – 100% of applicable nightly boarding fee


Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year

We’re pleased to be able to offer boarding throughout the Christmas and New Year period. Although our reception is closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day we have staff members on site to care for your pets every day of the festive season.

We make an additional charge for these three days, and we will take a non-refundable deposit.

Additional daily charge for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day

Prices are per unit not per animal

  • Dogs (single units) £10
  • Dogs (all other units and apartments) £15
  • Cats £10