Questions & Answers

Can you pick-up / drop off my pets from my home?
We’d be happy to supply you a number for a pet taxi.

I won’t be able to pick my pet up. Can someone else do it for me?
We won’t release your animals to anyone without your express permission. If you want someone else to pick your pets up on your behalf, you will need to inform us beforehand.

Will my pets have contact with other animals during their stay?
No. Depending on exactly where they’re boarded on our site, they might be able to see other animals accommodation, but they’ll never have physical contact with another customer’s pets. When we exercise your dogs, they will have sole use of our exercise field at that time, and will be safely returned to the security of their accommodation before any other animals are allowed out.

How do you make sure that animals can’t escape?
Our kennels and cattery comply with all the relevant standards. Our outdoor areas are surrounded by secure fencing. The site has one exit, which is secured by a second set of gates so that in the unlikely event of a dog managing to run through one open gate, another closed gate will be in its way.

What are animals fed?
Both cats and dogs are fed a nutritious diet, For cats we use Burgess fish and chicken complete and Whiskers satchets.  We use Arkwright chicken complete for dogs but we also do a range of tinned, sachets and foil tray meats.. We’ve chosen our food to provide all the nutrition that your pet needs, and to be suitable for most animals –  Those with delicate digestive tummy or on special diet, please bring your food clearly labelled with name and amount.

If your pet has specific dietary needs, we are able to feed your own food and/or supplements on request.

What happens if my pet is taken ill?
Just like humans, animals can fall ill at any time. Should it be required, we can call on the services of our local veterinary surgeon. If it’s possible for us to get hold of you, we will of course discuss your pet’s condition before vets take any action, as long at it is not urgent.

I can’t find my pet’s vaccination certificate. Will that be a problem?
We can not accept animals for boarding without proof that they are up-to-date with their vaccinations.This is for the protection of both your pets and those around them.

What vaccinations must my pet have?
Dogs must be vaccinated against: Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis and Parvo Virus. We recommend that dogs are also vaccinated against kennel cough. vaccinations must be completed 14 days prior to boarding and kennel cough vaccinations 5 full days before boarding. Please supply us with your pets micro chip number as well please.

ELDERLEY DOGS?CATS: We have no problem looking after you elderly pet. But we can not take your pet if it is unable to walk unaided.  Also if you pet is incontinent we will have to charge a little extra for the extra cleaning that is involved.

Cats must be vaccinated against Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu.